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"It has a been a privilege being on the receiving end of Veronique's warmth and wise insight. She has supported me through some tough moments in life* and always has an incredible depth of care in her eyes while lovingly holding space for me with her gentle nature. She is extremely compassionate and I find her to be very trustworthy. She is a gift to all who work with her!"

Sacha Drury

"You have helped me deal with an aging body and helped me with flexibility. You’ve also helped me to accept my own mortality and be joyful to face every new day."

Sharon Krog

" I am deeply in gratitude with Veronique for her compassion, understanding, patience, creativity, and professionalism. Veronique has been an amazing therapist whom I have learned a variety of tools to help me deal with challenges. Since I took her counselling, I have taking a new path to self-discovering and I can always go back to the basics she has taught me and re bounce myself. I loved her style and commitment to help me accept myself, love myself and approve myself. She has giving me a new perspective about life, about myself and the world. I was impressed by her knowledge about the mind, emotions and really appreciated her relaxing techniques incorporated into every session. Thanks Vero! "

Lorena G.

"Veronique is bright with joy and laughter that often fills the time I’ve spent with her. I feel her deep care and support in the middle of any interaction I have with her. Vero brings her vast knowledge of the body and health into her work as a counselor with ease. I had this feeling of being challenged on my stuff while being cared about when with Veronique. Working with her is always dynamic!"

Joel Todd

"Veronique is one of the most compassionate and empathetic people I know. She knows just how to hold people in their tenderness and is also not afraid to fully embrace their life victories. She does this through full self expression and leadership in the area of embracing movement and expression in voice and body. Vero is a dynamic and gifted therapist, masterful in the area of empathy and forward moving in her ability to tap into forgiveness of self and other."

Jason McQuarrie